Believe it or not, there never was "one" from the movie. They used 4 cars for "Back to the Future" all with varying levels of detail depending on the shots needed. In fact, they never had a working time display in any of the cars as the technology simply didn't exist in 1985. It simply lit up! So this car not only combines every detail from all of the cars, it includes a working time display making it more detailed than any of the original cars they used for the films!


Does this answer your question?

We have actually argued with people who swore this was "the one" from the movie and we had to explain to them, as we just did above, that there never was "one" from the movie. The reason it's so accurate is this car actually includes original parts that were purchased from the exact hardware stores in Burbank, CA where the crew of "Back to the Future" pieced their cars together. For example there are two oil seperators from 1954 on the car as well as the impossible to find orange tube (with a visible time stamp) from a 1968 Sikorsky hellicopter. Add in the fact that the car has working time circuits that even trigger the flux capacitor to brighten at 88 mph (or when you hit the manual time-sequence button) advancing your "Present Time" to the date you selected? You are actually in a car that is more accurate than even the original movie cars were. It honestly feels like magic.


There are a few situations where we will allow the renter to drive the car and even this isn't always possible. For weddings, when the bride and groom want to drive off from the service with a "Just Married" sign on the back, as long as it is in a closed private parking lot, you are allowed to drive it away just far enough for an unbelievable shot in your wedding video. During photoshoots in similar situations on private property it can be worked out. Otherwise, insurance will not cover it for even 1/4 of the value if a renter drives it and even if they did? We cannot risk the down-time of repairs with as in-demand as this car is.



It's worth a try, but understand that we know the specialty car rental market very well. These prices are extremely reasonable. Other than a presidential motorcade, there is no car on the planet that attracts more of a crowd or wows people like the Delorean Time Machine. That being said, if you believe your situation warrants a discount, please don't hesitate to communicate that in the notes section at checkout.  We can always refund part of your purchase or apply a discount towards mileage. In the end we want to make this work for as many events and people as possible.