40th Birthday Surprise

Alright, stop the presses:  Alexis wins.  We've been talking all year about how wives and girlfriends are just dominating the birthday game by renting our Delorean Time Machine and leaving their husbands and boyfriends speechless.  Alexis not only rented our car for a pick-up, but her husband was then dropped-off at a theater she rented out for friends and family to watch The Empire Strikes Back.  Game, set, match.  Happy Birthday, Ryan.

Back in Time Los Angeles Premiere

RentTheDelorean.com was proud to be part of this Los Angeles premiere of the documentary "Back in Time" showing support for our owner, Adam Kontras, who is spotlighted in the film.  It's been an extraordinary year for our business and this video shows another goofy adventure with Don and Adam as they find themselves backstage sharing stories with the rest of the gang.  If you haven't already done so, please check out "Back in Time" in select theaters as well as Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes and Netflix!

Hollywood Halloween Party

A Halloween party in Hollywood seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the end of the busiest month in our history.  Patrick spared no expense when it came to surprising his guests as well as celebrating his fiancé and her friend's birthday by bringing them back from the past as babies in a scenario that, well, could only come out of Hollywood.  Congrats on a great party!

31st Birthday Surprise

Wives are winning so hard this year.  Guys, just sit back, smile and feel lucky because you're never topping these moments.  Half the guys know it the moment they see the car.  There's a sheepish smile as they shake their heads and think "She wins this one, hands down."  Megan continued the "winning" with an incredible cake and Back to the Future party favors that blew everyone away.  Good luck next year, Chris.  

BigRentz.com Costume Party

When the owner of BigRentz.com said he wanted to celebrate a successful year with the Delorean Time Machine at the office for the day for photos?  We understood.  2015 has been an incredible year for us and we were happy to help make his dreams come true.  "Real" fans will notice those Mags aren't knockoffs, they're the legit auctioned off shoes released by Nike.  Impressive indeed, sir.  To the future!

Twin Marty Photoshoot

It's not often you can show us something we've never seen before, but twin brothers dressed as 1985 & 2015 Marty Mcfly certainly surprised us.  The McFawn Brothers rented the Time Machine simply to spend some time with their favorite car and take the most epic Halloween pictures imagined.  Well done, guys.  Well done indeed...

Los Alamitos Military Base

The events we've had with our spokesman, Don Fullilove (Mayor Goldie Wilson), have ended up being some of the best adventures we could imagine.  From conventions to the Hollywood Bowl to the USS Midway and now Don getting the opportunity to fly his airplane onto a military base.  What a wonderful 2015 and such a thrill for the people that attended the "Wings, Wheels and Rotors" Expo today.  Hope to see you again soon!

The Fig House Wedding

What a beautiful night for Noreen & David and we were thrilled to be part of it!  It's wonderful seeing our car at locales that aren't normally associated with movie props as it always adds a bit of whimsy to how the car even got there.  It all seems like part of the fabric of a well woven tapestry that is the perfect wedding.  Congrats again to the lovely couple and here's to your future!

Samsung Booth at Photoplus Expo '15

One of our biggest events to date!  4 day event at the massive Photoplus Expo in New York.  Those in attendance got the opportunity to have their picture taken during the biggest week in Back to the Future history.  Samsung out shined all other booths this year by pulling out all the stops to have one of our Delorean Time Machines on display the entire week!  Congrats to Samsung for a spectacular event no one will forget!